Dental SEO expert: Make your dentistry stand out​

When someone looks online for a dental office, they find many dental offices out there that yours can get lost in the shuffle. You have to find a way to be visible online.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps make your website show up when someone in the area needs your services. While it’s fairly easy to learn basic SEO quickly, for best results you need to have a professional SEO consultant devise a strategy for your website to give you the best chances of ongoing visibility.

What is SEO?

When someone searches for a business or topic, the search engine they use sends out search bots that crawl across the web in search of terms, or keywords, that match the search term entered by the person. The better the match, the more likely it is that your website will show up near the top of the search results.

People tend to look at only the first and maybe the second pages of search results when looking for a business or service, so you need your site to show up there, and not in later pages.

But keywords aren’t the only factor.

Depending on the search engine being used – and in most cases now, that’s Google – you also have to be sure that your site remains fresh yet evergreen.

That means constantly adding new content that is unique to your site but that can also be helpful to people months or years after it has been added. This is known as evergreen content, meaning it never loses its relevance, just as evergreen trees do not lose their leaves every fall.

Why you need dental SEO

It’s not enough to just throw some keywords onto a page and tweak content once in a while.

Search engines can actually de-index your site (meaning it won’t show up in search results) if it appears to be meant only to get clicks. You need content that is helpful and that shows the bots from the search engine that your site is authentic and holds information the searcher needs.

A dental SEO expert can figure out the keywords that you need and change those as circumstances dictate. The expert can also devise a content and SEO keyword strategy for you that keeps your site visible.

This can be a monthly or weekly blog. There are SEO copywriting services where an agency can provide all that content for you, so you don’t have to do all the writing yourself – as well as constant improvements and updates to pages about services and other factors like insurance.

When your site constantly publishes new content, that sends a message to the bots from the search engine that someone is actively taking care of the site, and the business behind it is likely to be open and legitimate.

Judicious use of keywords helps the bots locate the site and compare it to the searcher’s request, and the closer the match, the more likely it is that the bots will choose your site to place near the top of the search results. See How to Improve Google Search Ranking Results for more tips.

SEO is crucial for dental offices

How many dentists in your area have websites? Probably a huge number, right? And many offer the same services as yours, right?

You need to make it easy for people to find your site. Traditional advertising with your website URL included is not enough now; most people look to the web to find someone if they can’t get recommendations from friends or co-workers. The solution is having a really good SEO strategy to lure in those search engine bots – and patients.

When you contract a dental SEO expert to work on your site, you’re getting more than a one-time revamp.

You’ll be able to create a contract that lets the SEO expert monitor and update the site constantly so that you won’t have to worry about site upkeep. You and your staff can concentrate on dental work and helping patients, rather than worry about whether or not you remembered to update your blog or run a website audit that week.

SEO is a necessary and strategic marketing channel for dental practices. You can’t afford to go without it, and you will find that the benefits are lucrative as more patients find your practice.

Learn more about Segment, a top SEO consulting agency to help strengthen and manage your dental SEO program.

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