What’s in your national SEO campaign strategy?

When developing a national SEO campaign strategy, consider it a long-term investment with vast reach.

While some SEO campaigns focus on more specified local SEO reach, national-level means just what it implies: marketing for an audience throughout the country.

More than half of all businesses throughout the country are small and, in some cases, their potential customers live in a particular area only. This might be a certain city, state, or geographic region.

Larger corporations and brands tend to be the biggest users of national and enterprise SEO strategies. Larger budgets and well-known brand names mean marketing professionals need to develop a very unique and far-reaching plan.

SEO pages for national audiences

When a company has many facilities, stores, or any physical presence across the country, it can choose to optimize in a way that pinpoints targeted places or generalize so that it delivers information to all. If the company is well known, and consumers are loyal and familiar, many businesses opt to pinpoint.

Perhaps the corporate website will focus on providing information for specific area locations. This may take the form of drop-down menus that let site users choose their home city. The page then redirects to another that gives area-specific data, like local store hours, special sales, location directions, and more.

When a brand is less well known, often a site or SEO marketing plan will provide more general information that lines up with consumer awareness and reasons to try or buy a service or product.

In this case, there may still be area-specific redirecting like drop-down menus and such; however, there would also be far more effort put into the main pages that deliver more brand-specific information for hopeful clients.

In this case of a less recognizable name, it’s crucial to create separate geo-targeted landing pages for each offering with sub-domains or sub-directories.

This provides better SEO steering for search pages. All content on these pages should be special to make sure the search engines connect them with the right audience.

Other national SEO strategy actions

A company employing national SEO techniques should create separate listings in various locations, such as:

  • Better Business Bureau. This is a well known and trusted source for many potential customers and brought up by many search engines. Customers can leave feedback for their region’s location. This can assist well with conversions for a business.
  • Chamber of Commerce. Separate areas can be listed on their specific Chamber of Commerce site. Search engines pull up these websites often, so it is worth the extra effort.
  • Local Directories. When there are separate options for branches on sites like Yelp, BizPages, and more, customers can review and share, and location managers can assess their specific client base views. Performance can be tracked better, as well, from the corporate locations.

National SEO keyword research

Ranking on search engines is unique in national SEO marketing efforts. Keyword terms, in some cases, should be broad rather than specific and geographically focused. The online presence should take the competition seriously, so the business gets attention from the right eyes.

SEO and keyword selection is extremely important and often seen as more critical for national marketing and SEO keyword strategy efforts. Its reach is huge, so it must hone in on just the right terms and frequency of usage.

Positive SEO ROI is the goal, and optimizing the specific facets of a company can produce positive search reaches and visibility. A company wants to be number one in search rankings whenever possible.

National SEO campaigns 

Overall, a top SEO consulting agency will likely affirm that national SEO efforts that do well include the following:

  • Advanced keyword effectiveness
  • Quality off-page SEO techniques and link building
  • Keyword mapping and focus
  • SEO content development
  • Mapping optimization
  • Review efforts
  • Ongoing and consistent audits and reports

Get to know more about national SEO techniques to see if it’s right for your organization. It’s vital to capture your audience in the most effective way possible, and many businesses are finding these methods just right for far-reaching visibility and growth potential.

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