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With over 200 new keywords ranking on Google, Make Your Mark grew its organic search impressions, clicks and leads with…

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With over 200 new keywords ranking on Google, Make Your Mark grew its organic search impressions, clicks and leads with a tailored SEO program.

Make Your Mark (MYM) is a customer experience agency that helps companies create viral marketing campaigns that connect brands with people.

Since its launch in 2015, Make Your Mark has relied on word-of-mouth marketing to generate new business. In an overly-competitive and crowded marketplace, MYM realized the opportunity to digitally transform the way it attracted buyers and acquired customers. It was, for this reason, MYM partnered with Segment to spearhead its search marketing program.

As a startup agency, MYM was limited on resources, specifically experts, to develop its entire SEO channel. With limited knowledge of how SEO works, MYM requested an agency partner that could both increase its search visibility and educate its staff.

With Segment, MYM has a dedicated team that regularly provides SEO consulting and solutions that generate long-term, sustainable organic growth.

Working with Segment, MYM felt at ease. The team, including the founder and CEO, was very much impressed by Segment’s vast knowledge in SEO and its commitment to turn MYM from a small-time, local agency to a national, full-service solutions company. Segment helped grow MYM’s online footprint through the following top SEO services.

SEO Audit

In the initial stages of this engagement, the Segment team performed a comprehensive, site-wide SEO audit to evaluate strengths and weaknesses. The Segment team delivered an eye-opening audit report that found many SEO performance issues, such as a lack of targeted SEO keywords, thin and no-value articles, low-quality backlinks and poor user experience for website users and search engine bots. This audit helped Segment set a strategy to optimize on-site SEO as well as securing backlinks for off-page optimization.

Keyword Development

Segment introduced a set of new keywords backed by search demand. Many of these keywords targeted users in the awareness and consideration stages of the buyer’s journey. Segment’s keyword research helped MYM develop new keyword-rich website pages designed to attract buyers looking for customer experience services and digital marketing solutions. The addition of these new keywords led to rapid growth in search impressions within one year.

Link Building

Part of MYM’s SEO strategy was to build high-quality backlinks that contributed to its search engine results pages (SERP). The Segment team, backed by data and research, found that MYM’s backlinks contained little to no value at all. Segment proposed and implemented a strong link building strategy to help MYM secure backlinks from authoritative sites, directly impacting the way Google search bots judged its site effectiveness and topic relevance. With a consistent flow of backlinks created, MYM experienced an uplift in the number of new referral traffic as well as improvements to search ranking positions.


Segment created a research-focused content marketing strategy to help MYM improve its reach and draw qualified visitors to its services pages. Additionally, Segment established MYM’s blog program and published regular articles that solved buyer challenges and educated readers on the cost-benefit of contracting with a customer experience agency.

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