“Improved online visibility for annual conference”

Empower is an annual event hosted by one of the nation’s largest healthcare solutions company. Through Make Your Mark (MYM),…

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Empower is an annual event hosted by one of the nation’s largest healthcare solutions company.

Through Make Your Mark (MYM), Segment worked with Empower to help it gain online visibility through high-value SEO. In a highly niche market, Empower’s main challenge was generating traffic to its new website and acquiring event registration leads.

Before working with MYM and Segment, Empower’s marketing operations were handled by YHN. While YHN’s campaigns were successful, the teams who executed campaigns didn’t have the background or resources to develop and run specific SEO campaigns for the new Empower website.

Traditional marketing strategies slightly helped the new website but didn’t ignite the kind of SEO-driven strategy and innovation Empower needed. It needed an experienced top SEO consulting agency to spark organic growth.

Segment performed the following services to improve the way Empower appeared in search engine results.

On-Page Optimization: Keyword and Content Development

Segment introduced a set of targeted hearing health-related keywords backed by a decent volume of monthly searches. A mix of branded and non-branded keywords were part of the bigger SEO strategy, a methodology needed to diversify its keyword portfolio.

This targeted SEO keyword strategy enabled Empower to reach audiologists – its buyer personas – who were looking to expand their skillset and competency by attending a conference that resonated with their needs.

Additionally, a content strategy was put in place to generate more traffic and to educate event-goers on the ever-changing world of hearing healthcare strategies.

Content deliverables like blog posts, landing pages and other e-content were developed to attract buyers and search engine crawlers. As a result, many of Empower’s web pages started to rank on Google and secured competitive positioning for its targeted keyword groups.

Off-Page Optimization: Social Media Signals

Part of Empower’s off-page SEO strategy was to build social media signals to strengthen its website authority. A consistent flow of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn posts helped Empower remain relevant online while maintaining its search presence on Google.

By creating relevant, useful and share-worthy social media content, Empower was able to increase in share-of-voice and acquire more event attendees. Plus, by working with publishers, Segment increased the number of quality backlinks to further strengthen Empower’s off-page SEO program.

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