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Website SEO Audit

An SEO audit and inspection will help improve and measure your traffic growth – and help you identify areas to improve your natural traffic growth. Our research team scans and analyzes each of your website pages, meta descriptions, header tags, page titles, content, links and overall site structure. Segment also helps resolve various technical and non-technical SEO issues like under-optimized pages, faulty re-directs, poor coding standards and much more with our website SEO audit services.

It’s important to do a periodic audit of your website for SEO effectiveness, particularly if you haven’t been getting the results you are looking for. This website SEO audit checklist will help you assess your current performance and find opportunities to improve. In order to succeed in your SEO strategy, you need to understand what you want to achieve. Are you simply trying to improve your web traffic, or are you looking for an increase in leads or sales? Once you know what you’re looking to achieve, it’s easier to measure your performance and identify room for improvement. A website SEO audit checklist should be your first strategic initiative when improving your SEO program.

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    Segment performs site-wide research to uncover underperforming areas across your site. We evaluate a range of core website vitals to address common SEO issues.

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    As new and existing issues are detected, our team works on a plan to resolve the various technical and non-technical SEO issues such as under-optimized pages, faulty re-directs, poor coding standards and much more.

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    Segment provides ongoing audit and inspection reports to ensure your website, CMS and server are working at an optimal performance. 


Our SEO services provide a range of benefits

  • Lower costs

    Hiring an employee to manage your SEO program can be costly. At half the salary of a digital marketing professional, you have an expert agency by your side, providing the best value in SEO services.

  • Trusted SEO advisor

    Through regular strategy sessions and reporting with your account manager, you have complete control and oversight of your entire SEO program.

  • Economy of scale

    When done right, your SEO program can expect to see more traffic and leads, at a lower cost per acquisition. Unlike paid advertising, SEO is a long-term, sustainable channel that can help you save marketing dollars each year.

  • Increased efficiency

    Partnering with an SEO agency empowers your team to spend more time working and less time figuring out SEO. When you hire Segment, you’re getting years of experience and customer-focused support.

  • Small initial investment

    Managed SEO services help you offset the initial investment of employee, software and training costs. With Segment, we work with the latest technologies, employ digital-savvy people and have the best digital marketing background in the industry.

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Within six months, our website grew by 20 percent, acquired more leads and closed more deals. We're happy to have Segment by our side.
Jason, Co-founder at Hippocamp Software