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Writing quality, lengthy and value-add content puts your website ahead of the competition.

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We develop content that aligns with each stage of the buyer’s journey, helping you reach customers with targeted content.


Positioning your go-to-market messaging allows you to generate product and service demand, engaged readers and sales.

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Develop web content that increases your visitor-to-customer conversion rate. Get your content aligned with your marketing funnel to acquire more sales-ready leads. Plus, we help measure what pieces of content are driving conversions and action.

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Educate and inspire your visitors

Design educational and memorable content that inspires visitors to take action. Keep visitors coming back until they become loyal, paying customers. Measure all of this with key metrics such as rate-of-return, on-site engagement and more.

Your FAQs, answered

If you’re planning to implement a high-quality, successful SEO strategy into your digital marketing plan, then great content is something that shouldn’t be understated. For any business, large or small, populating your website with SEO-friendly content is the ideal, legitimate way to get your business on that front page. Forget keyword stuffing and irrelevant information – when we do copywriting, we do it the right way. At Segment, we create content that not only speaks to your audience but also meets the needs of Google’s algorithms. Great content should be engaging, useful, and above all, audience-specific. With our in-depth research and industry knowledge, that’s exactly what we can provide.

If you want to create a platform that’s as valuable as it is strategic, there’s no better team to choose than us. We understand the high value of content that both meets search ranking guidelines and offers information and relevant insight to your audience. As an SEO agency, we don’t believe in skipping the hard graft to get the work done for you. Every piece of content, each blog post, and every piece of web copy we produce meets our exceptional standards, in line with the style and tone of voice of your business. There’s no room for cookie-cutter or generic copywriting when it comes to our services.

Are you wondering how exactly great content can achieve your SEO goals? There are several ways that excellent copy can make a difference, but the primary reason is the use of appropriate, contextual, and relevant keywords within the content. Populating an existing website with content that makes sense to your audience, and provides value to them, is precisely what we provide at Segment SEO — going above and beyond to offer content that looks professional and on-brand, while also meeting strict SEO requirements. We achieve this by tailoring our services to the precise needs of your business and industry, allowing us to create completely custom copy that’s ideally suited to you – and no-one else.

For the average business, it’s no longer enough to insert keywords into existing copy, or to create low-quality content with keywords included. As more and more companies understand the value of higher-quality SEO, your brand will be left behind while your competition gains access to better rankings and greater visibility beyond your platform. Investing in great SEO-friendly content now is the best way to get ahead and leaves you with a better chance to beat your competition legitimately – with methods that work in the long-term.

While many SEO agencies may try to cut corners by creating content that’s keyword-rich but not-so-relevant, at Segment, we aim to produce copy that’s both appropriate and effective. We want the writing we provide to be just as readable, engaging, and useful to your audience as it is to Google’s bots, further cementing you as experts in your industry. Excellent copywriting is the key to rising in those search rankings, combining your industry insight with well-researched keywords for greater success. Within legitimate content for your keywords, you may even find your business punished by Google’s algorithms – which aim to eliminate platforms developed solely for SEO purposes.

Content that’s engaging, relevant, and overall suitable for your business is the only way to do SEO today. Search engine algorithms are getting smarter every day, and companies that don’t comply with these requirements are far more likely to be punished. Doing content the right way can ensure your business sticks to that top spot in the long-term, a number one goal for any company.

If you’re looking for an agency that produces SEO content tailored to your exact business needs and goals, then Segment is the best option out there. We work hard to provide a customer-focused service that goes above and beyond other agencies, producing high-quality copy that perfectly suits each client. Copywriting is a must to support and enhance existing digital marketing and SEO programs. With our expert insight and knowledge, we’re able to produce content that’s both insightful and engaging to your audience, while also meeting every SEO requirement.

If you’re considering whether or not SEO is the right fit for your business, there’s no better place to start than today. Whether you’re not showing up on search rankings, or your competition is consistently achieving higher results than you, SEO is the ideal place to start. With the support of our friendly, expert team, we can provide the foundations to increase the visibility of your business. Keyword-rich content that speaks to your audience, and provides value to your website platform, is exactly what we specialize in.

To find out more about our SEO copywriting services, or any of the other agency services for SEO we provide at Segment, get in contact with us today. We’re the team you want to support you when it comes to taking the leap to legitimate SEO practices, and content creation is no exception.

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