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Explore a sea of data insights surrounding your product and services keywords with our SEO research approach.

Research and strategy

Uncover keyword trends, search volume insights and more

Gain full access to keywords that will help you drive more traffic, leads and sales. With our data-driven model, we help you optimize your content strategy by uncovering the keywords your prospects use throughout the buyer’s journey. Our team runs detailed research to develop value-focused strategies that look at the latest keywords trends, monthly search volume insights and competition scores for your products and services.

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Implementation and management

Add demand-heavy keywords to your key website pages

After performing keyword data research and analysis, the Segment team puts a plan in place to implement your selected keywords across your website, including your landing pages and blog articles. Our team ensures your keywords are included in your page titles, meta descriptions, header tags and on-page content.

Rank tracking

Keep track of all your keyword rank positions

We provide regular reports regarding your keyword performance, including rank changes. As firm believers in data transparency, you’ll have full access to your Google Search Console – along with other properties – to further monitor and measure SERP KPIs.

keyword tracking

"Within six months, our website grew by 20 percent, acquired more leads at a lower cost and increased our monthly bookings rate."

Jason, Co-founder at Hippocamp Software

Drive more sales

Improve rankings, increase traffic and win more customers

We use data and science to find the right opportunities for your site, helping you win more online market share. Turn your website into a revenue-generating machine with Segment.

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Improve your productivity

Save your team some time when you partner with an SEO keyword research services firm

Hiring a top SEO consulting agency empowers your team to spend more time working and less time “figuring out” SEO. When you partner with Segment, you’re getting years of experience and customer-focused support. View our SEO company services.

Your investment, returned

Get from zero to great in six months*

Compared to other marketing channels, like pay-per-click (PPC) ads, SEO is a sustainable online channel that consistently pays off when properly executed and maintained. Request a free audit and proposal to learn more about what you can expect from Segment SEO.

*Segment clients typically see results within six months average. This timeline may differ from website-to-website. Read this article to learn more.

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Have your cake, and eat it too

93% of online experiences begin with a search engine

If you want to increase your online exposure, rank highly on search engines and acquire more leads, then we’ll help you get traffic with a data-driven approach to SEO management.

Learn more about Segment

At Segment, we’re not just an SEO company — we’re empowering companies to realize their full potential online. We’re committed to helping brands improve their search visibility online with a simple subscription service that helps you get those first page results. While other agencies are keen to take control of their clients’ SEO strategies while keeping them in the dark about their techniques, we are committed to teaching our clients about our processes, as well as how to emulate them. With Segment, you get to work with SEO experts who follow best practices and apply the latest search marketing methodologies.

No. The subscription for SEO services is monthly. It makes the most sense to commit for 6 months or a year since most campaigns take time to execute and generate measurable results. SEO involves a significant amount of work – especially in the initial stages – to plan, develop and execute carefully-crafted campaigns.

Research shows that 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. Your buyers are online, visiting search engines to find your products and services. In order to reach your prospective customers, it is important to invest in an SEO strategy that is designed to help you rank highly, increase your traffic and improve your overall digital visibility.

Each subscription plan receives the same service, but the difference is in the number of keywords optimized for each website. All packages include:

  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Keyword Development
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Website SEO Audits
  • Monthly Reporting

No. And any SEO company that promises results is likely participating in black-hat (unethical) practices, is inexperienced or attempting to deceive you. 

There are many unknown variables that shape an SEO campaign for results to be guaranteed or predicted. For example, if a search engine updates its algorithm, that may likely affect results. Or if a competitor makes changes or updates to its SEO strategy, that can cause a disruption in performance. It is, for this reason, critical to vet your SEO agency to ensure they are able to combat market changes and keep your SEO program in tune.

What any credible agency should guarantee is the work it will implement, regularly show reports and be completely transparent by showing all metrics and results.

Your FAQs, answered

For keywords to be effective, successful and suited for your business, a good understanding of SEO keywords is a must. This critical prep work should take place at the start of your SEO campaign, providing the foundations to build upon over time. Keywords are far more than just picking words that relate to your business. Proper, in-depth research and analysis can yield far better results, both in terms of time and scale. SEO performance is hugely affected by the quality of the keywords used, especially concerning the behaviors of your potential customers.

Defining the keywords that best suit your business for SEO purposes means doing all the groundwork necessary. There’s no quick fix or workaround when it comes to the insight we provide for keyword insights, allowing for more effective SEO campaigns and better results overall. Understanding keyword search volume enables us to better select and define which keywords will work best for your specific purpose, with plans tailored precisely for your business goals and needs.

Unsure if your current SEO strategy is actually doing what you want it to? Whether your approach has been more DIY or you’re just not happy with the work of another SEO agency, examining topic and keyword relevance is only one facet of what we do to ensure the success of any SEO work. Keyword and topic relevance studies and analysis allows us to see what’s likely to work ahead of time, stretching your budget further and helping you reach those goals faster.

For saturated industries or competitive fields, the use of competition scores and analysis can be vital. These insights provide your business with the knowledge of how difficult it would be the rank your page on particular keywords. With this invaluable knowledge, both into direct competitors and similar industries, we make it possible to carve out your own niche and connect with your customers in new and successful ways. Seeing what your competition is doing is the insight many companies need to go that extra mile.

One of the joys of SEO marketing is that you can see your campaign working right in front of your eyes. We transform that raw data and information into relevant content and reports to help you understand exactly how successful specific keywords and campaigns have been. No confusing numbers, just pure information to help you see your SEO ROI, as well as other relevant factors such as conversions and click-through rates.

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