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Our on-page services transform your SEO.

Internal linking

Add links that connect to other pages across your site to help crawlers better index and understand your site.

Site-wide optimization

Improve your search rankings with optimized content, meta descriptions, page titles, headers, URLs and more. 

User experience

Ensure your site is mobile-responsive, easy-to-navigate and loads fast for optimal user experience.

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Crawl strategy

Improve your website readability

Implement a web of internal links to help search engines better index your site. At Segment, we work to help you create effective meta descriptions, page and image titles, headers and URLs. Plus, we optimize your web content and include unique keywords across your web, landing and blog pages.

User experience design

Improve your website usability

Increase your page speed and load times for both desktop and mobile devices. We create easy-to-navigate pages and user friendly content structure to provide a smooth experience for all user types. 

Your FAQs, answered

Our optimization services don’t stop at creating long-form content for your website. In addition to writing and crafting SEO-friendly content, we also support businesses in the development and management of meta tags, page titles and headers to be more Google-friendly, as well as better suited for your particular audience. We work within your brand guidelines to go the extra mile and enhance your rankings effortlessly. Image optimization is another valuable part of our services, working to improve loading times and improve the customer experience.

Believe it or not, great websites full of SEO-friendly content are frequently finding themselves further down the rankings purely due to loading times. By optimizing your on-page website, your business is in a far better position to reach that top spot – and we’ll help you reach that goal every step of the way.

Our in-house team works with you to produce on-point, professional and expert content for your website that’s perfectly in-line with your brand identity and business goals. We’re experts when it comes to the creation of content that’s both SEO-friendly and relevant to your specific audience, producing copy that’s high-value while remaining rich in all the factors Google likes to see. From the creation of brand-new web pages to the reworking of old content, developing blog posts to tweaking marketing work to support your current brand, we’re well-equipped to produce excellent results.

Content development is one of our major focuses at Segment, enabling us to quickly and practically help companies to rise through Google rankings with genuine, well-written, and high-quality content. Good SEO draws in customers, and your increased conversions will soon reflect this once you use our services.

Doing SEO in-house can be time-consuming, costly, and hard to get right – especially if you’re unable to hire specifically for an SEO role. Working with an SEO consulting agency, like Segment, is the best way to get exceptional top SEO services without the high cost.

If you’re considering on-page SEO services for your business, Segment is the ideal solution. Contact us today to find out more about our SEO services and how we can support your business to be more visible and achieve those much-needed sales.

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As a team of certified Google experts, we implement our digital marketing insights to help you grow online. Rest assured, you’ll be partnering up with a top SEO consultancy.

Experienced team

With a dedicated account manager, you can expect only the best SEO services for your business, which means you can also expect to reach those big sales and marketing goals.


If you want to see fantastic results with increased market awareness and an enhanced online presence, get in touch. We apply the latest strategies to improve your SEO program.

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