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Segment is a results-driven SEO agency empowering brands in the search economy.

Put clients first

We obsess about making our clients successful.

Be transparent

We apply a strong work ethic in everything we do.

Give back

Give more than we receive, always.

Always inspire

Move fast, create memorable campaigns and develop new ideas.

Build our people

By training and developing each other, we build leaders.

Have fun

To work smart, you need to have fun.

Our mission

We're committed to helping brands exceed their growth goals

Founded in Houston in 2019, Segment is a global SEO consultancy empowering brands in the search economy. With the vision to apply growth-driven strategies, Segment aims to help companies dominate search engine results and disrupt their competition. We work with small, medium-size and enterprise brands to help them optimize their websites, acquire more traffic and win more customers. 

Our SEO services are geared towards helping companies reach an extensive online, search-driven audience. We understand that SEO has the potential to draw in huge swathes of online traffic and bolster the number of leads that companies enjoy every day, thereby boosting profits and helping business leaders realize their dreams of growth and prosperity. In this way, we are committed to helping our clients roll out meticulously thorough SEO campaigns that are evidence-based and backed by a significant amount of real data.

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Our approach

We believe in transparency, always

We believe that high-quality data has the potential to power a successful and ethical SEO strategy. We aim to go above and beyond to serve our clients, offering a culture of openness and honesty that you won’t find in other SEO agencies.

While other agencies are keen to take control of their clients’ SEO strategies while keeping marketers and business leaders in the dark about their techniques, we are committed to teaching our clients about our processes, as well as how to emulate them.

Clients love working with Segment because of our small, family-like team. We use the latest project management tools and digital marketing stacks, and give clients access to our daily task boards, so that they know what we’re working on, all in real-time. That’s one of the reasons why we have a 100% client retention rate (knock on wood).

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